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Best 2007 Movie

What? You're still here? Download it now and go watch the damn' thing!
And while you're at it: here's the theme song (Forever). It's a bit too sweet for the movie, although the rest of the soundtrack is very impressive, as it contributes quite a lot to a rather unique atmosphere for a movie.

Quote of the movie: "I'm going to watch Star Trek for some sanity."

When searching for an image to cheer up this post, I came across some background info about the releasing of the movie. Without giving away too much about the actual story, I thought it was fun for you to know.

I am not usually a big fan of Sci-Fi, in fact I run away from it. Most of it is boring and mundane. Film makers Richard Schenkman and Eric Wilkinson have brought to fruition a version of Jerome Bixby’s fine novel Man From Earth. What attracted me to watch Man From Earth was the news story that went with the movie. Most indy movies are fairly low budget and without the backing of a large studio they find it hard to get screen time in the overcrowded heater market place. Most go straight to Blockbuster in the form of DVD’s,

About a week before it was released a bootleg copy found its way into the murky world of file sharing. The result was that sudenly it was rocketing up the iMDB charts, eventually peaking at the #6 spot on most popular sci-fi movies, and has now become the #14 most popular sci-fi movie of all time. Rather than fight the pirates, the film makers embraced them, rationalizing that if people were watching the poor quality bootleg, they may well go out and purchase the real thing. And people have!

Not knowing my Limewires from my Bittorents I contacted the film makers and they graciously sent me a review copy.

There is no CGI, there are no aliens, and there are no special effects. Instead we are faced with a movie that I don’t think can be beat. This movie is not so much sci-fi as psy-fi. (...)

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