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Though the fact that the author just made it open source and suspended development is a tad ironic, I still have to say something about it.

  • Only 196-700KB in memory
  • Use gestures in any browser, or even any other program
  • Draw your own gestures
  • Support for Synaptics Touchpads (gestures with 1 finger (tap & hold), or 2/3 fingers)
  • LUA scripting, so basically anything is possible with your gestures
  • Also supports creating global hotkeys, although not application-specific, like the mouse gestures, but there's a way around that:
    local windowClass = acGetClassName(acGetForegroundWindow(),nil,nil) -- find class name for current window if string.find(windowClass,"Chrome" then -- check if the window is a Chrome window acSendKeys("^w^+{TAB}") -- send CTRL+W, then switch to previous tab (the one to the left of the closed) else -- if it's not Chrome, then just send the original key combination to the system acDisableHotkey(hkid) acSendKeys("^q") acEnableHotkey(hkid) end
  • Use other buttons than the right mouse click to initialize a mouse gesture (stroke button can be right/middle/left/X1/X2/Control/Alt)
  • Ignore key to ignore a mouse gesture while pressed (I found Shift has the least compatibility problems)
  • Global LUA scripts to run before/after every mouse gesture. One is particularly handy:
    function sp_before_action(gnm, gsx, gsy, gex, gey, gwd, gapp, gact, gbl, gbt, gbr, gbb) acActivateWindow(nil, gsx, gsy) -- activate the window under the mouse cursor first, then run the gesture's script

Well there you go. Just be sure to quickly go through the manual before you think it's not so easy after all. All will become clear.

StrokesPlus Manual
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