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DroidShows: Reboot of DroidSeries TV Show Tracker

This fork adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved interface, a menu overflow button, quick search, separate archive/backlog list, swiping gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading. DroidShows only needs an internet connection when updating the show info or watching full-size posters.

Some pointers

  • Don't forget to update all shows regularly
  • Long-press items for more options
  • Swipe left-to-right to go back
    In Shows Overview:
  • Tap poster for show info
  • Long-press poster for next episode's info
  • Swipe right-to-left to mark as seen
    In Show Details:
  • Tap poster for full-screen view
  • Click full-screen poster image for fan art
  • Long-press full-screen poster to open in external app
    In Show/Episode Details:
  • Tap IMDb rating to view in IMDb App when installed, or on IMDb's mobile webpage


More screenshots and a comparison with the original DroidSeries can be found in the Gallery.

DroidShows Links

©2010 Carlos Limpinho, Paulo Cabido under GPLv3
Modified by Mikael Berthe
©2014-2016 Guillaume under GPLv3
New icon file is a mix of work by Thrasos Varnava and Taenggo
Wiki (FAQ)
Screenshots & comparison with original DroidSeries
XDA Forum post / Changelog
Source code

Download DroidShows

Releases on Github
F-Droid Repository

New Features

Shows Overview:
+ Showing "[aired unwatched] of [total unwatched]"
+ Added icon ic_menu_view for show/hide toggled
+ Status of show in details, and † in overview if show is not continuing
+ If show position changed, scroll back to show after [Mark next episode as seen] and Seasons list
+ Option in [About] to only update shows' last season
+ Context item to view show details on Wikipedia and IMDb
+ Tap cover for show info, long-press for next episode's info
+ Swipe right-to-left to mark next episode as seen (shows confirmation toast)
+ Option to include specials in unwatched count
+ Mark next episode seen via swipe now vibrates
+ Undo function (until exit)
+ Showing middot · when all new episodes are aired
+ New show & episode details views
+ View full size poster and fan art
+ Quick search (filter)
+ Exclude shows without unseen aired episodes
* Sorting shows by first unseen episode
* Clarified toggle and sort options
* Not showing "null" entries from DB
* Posters now fill row height, aspect ratios independent of screen's

Seasons/Episodes list:
+ Showing "[aired] of [season episodes]"
+ Aired date in episodes list
+ Date of when episode was marked as seen is shown next to checkmark
+ Click on episode title for details, on checkmark to change seen state
+ Automatically scroll to current season / first unwatched episode
* Big performance improvement for entirely rewritten Seasons activity: is now almost instant

Add show:
+ Icon resized rate_star_med_on_holo_dark for added shows
+ Icon ic_menu_add for new shows
* Fixed search not working after initial search
* Centered icons vertically in search results
* Large-size posters aren't cached, to save space in /data/data/

* Prevent double episodes

+ Menu (overflow) button should show up in Android 3.0+
+ Dutch, German, Spanish and Russian translation
+ Choose which synopsis language to fetch from TheTVDb
+ Translucent background
+ Swipe left-to-right acts as back button
+ Animations that help understand the app's structure
+ Backup/restore database
* Date/time format according to locale
* Big performance improvement for Overview activity: is almost instant (values are kept up-to-date in series table)
* Some progress dialogs cancelable
* Update of all shows continues when navigating away from DroidSeries
* Screen off/rotating screen/navigating away from app during update poses no problems anymore
* [Exit] removes app from memory
* Fixed UI glitches/styles
* Code clean-up (all layouts revised)

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