Redshift Tray: A No-Frills GUI For The Excellent Redshift

Redshift Tray is a no-frills GUI for the excellent screen temperature adjustment tool Redshift by Jon Lund Steffensen. Redshift Tray allows you to:

  • Quickly enable/disable Redshift: double-click the tray icon
  • Force a full nighttime temperature adjustment, no matter what the actual time is
  • Pause the temperature adjustment for x minutes via Right Control + End
  • Adjust the screen brightness via Right Control + PgUp|Home|PgDn
  • Optionally update your current coordinates every time you enable Redshift (e.g. when traveling)

It also includes a set of optional hotkeys. Admittedly, these are entirely based on my personal preferences, but since this program is put together in AutoHotkey, it’s easy to add your own hotkeys and remove the ones you think are rubbish.


Since Opera =< 12.x, I haven't found a single browser that had a proper implementation of mouse gestures. Firefox with its FireGestures came close, but it's heavy on your CPU and lacks a quick way to customize behaviors. For Chrome, there isn't a single extension that works properly or isn't too limited in its gestures or supported functions. Well, there was, but that one got pulled because of its built-in spyware and adware. What's more, in pages like chrome://extensions or the New Tab page these extensions have no permission to function, so you'll keep getting annoyed by not being able to use the gestures. Maxthon was the only one that came close to Opera's functionality, but you still can't add your own gestures or define your own behavior/function. So I was looking for a neat little tool to use mouse gestures, possibly even globally, that wouldn't be too invasive or use up too many resources. Finally I've found it.

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